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Donor Standards

The sperm donors available through NW Cryobank are recruited from the college campuses throughout eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana. Most of our donors are either currently involved with, or have finished their higher education at the time of their participation in our program. All donors are between 18 and 32 years of age in order to minimize genetic abnormalities. All donors are frozen in very limited quantities, in order to guarantee that the number of pregnancies created from any one donor are limited.

Although the staff at NW Cryobank screens all of our donors family and medical histories to provide our clients with donors that should provide them with a great chance of conceiving a healthy and normal baby, there is no way to guarantee such an outcome. As all donor family histories will have their own unique positive and negative attributes, we encourage all clients to review donor information thoroughly prior to purchase and use of specimens.

The donor screening conducted by NW Cryobank meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS).

Donor Screening includes the following:

A three generation family health history with no indication of major genetically linked disease
A lifestyle that is low risk for contracting communicable diseases
A complete physical exam, and approval by an independent physician
Donors are questioned and examined for evidence of HPV infection, but there is no currently approved testing for HPV in semen
Urinalysis and microscopic exam
Semen analysis with excellent count, motility, and normal strict morphology study
A lifestyle that does not include excessive use of alcohol or tobacco
A lifestyle that does not include the use of recreational drugs
Excellent post thaw sperm recovery
Serology (blood tests):
CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (Chemistry Panel), ABO and Rh
HIV I/II w/six month quarantine
Hepatitis B surface Ag w/six month quarantine
Hepatitis B Core Ab Total w/six month quarantine
Hepatitis C Ab w/six month quarantine
T. Pallidum (for syphillis) w/six month quarantine
HTLV I/II w/six month quarantine
CMV Total antibody, IgM ** All Donors test IgM Negative
West Nile Virus antibody (as of 01/01/2017)
Genetic Testing:
To read more, view our Genetics Testing page for sperm donors
Cultures and/or Aptima Gen Probe testing is completed for:
Neisseria Gonorrhoea
Microscopical Examination of each Donor Ejaculate for:
Freeze-thaw recovery motile sperm count
**More Information on CMV