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Sperm Shipping Information

About Our Shipping Dewars

We ship in dry nitrogen dewars that are designed for, and charged with, nitrogen coolant, to hold specimens frozen and ready to use for up to 14-18 days if kept upright and closed. You are renting this equipment when an order is shipped to you. We **guarantee (see below) the dewar to hold it's coolant charge for at least seven days after delivery to you. These dewars are shipped in a cardboard box that is 12" by 12" by 24", and weigh approximately 25 lbs. You are allowed seven days rental of the dewar included in the price of shipping in order to time your insemination(s) . If you keep the dewar in excess of the seven days, you will be charged a daily dewar rental fee. The return of the dewar is included in the shipping fee for all shipments within the United States only. An airbill for its return is included in the shipment. We can ship from 1-36 vials at a time for the same cost.

For more details on the use of the shipping dewar click here.

Shipping Notification

Orders placed prior to 2:00pm PST M-F (excluding holidays) may be requested to ship same day for no additional cost. Your package will then arrive at its destination in two business days. For overnight shipping, an expedited fee will be applied. Plan to have your specimens arrive 2-3 days prior to your anticipated ovulation date. This provides a cushion of time in case you ovulate a day or two earlier than expected or your shipment gets delayed. The 7-day use of the dewar will cover your anticipated window of time needed to cover ovulation adequately even if you end up ovulating one or two days later than expected.


Shipping rates

The shipping fee provides use of the shipping dewar for 7 days upon receipt. If you receive the dewar on a Monday, you would return the tank on the following Monday. The shipping dewar is guaranteed to keep your sample(s) in a frozen state for 7 days to provide convenience in timing your insemination. Additional days of dewar rental may be arranged by contacting our office. A signature will be required by the carrier upon arrival of your shipment. If you will not be available for receipt of a shipment at your home address, you may arrange to have your package shipped to the nearest "carrier hold facility" by providing the shipping address at the time you place your order. The carrier can not provide you with a specific time of day for delivery. You may incur additional charges or require additional delivery time if your delivery address is incomplete, incorrect, or outside the continental US such as Hawaii or Alaska. If your delivery address is remote or in an outlying area , you may be required to pick up the package at the carrier's nearest facility.

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International Shipping

Call or email for specific quotes on all international rates. Please provide full address and postal code.

All international shipping requires that the client place a deposit on the shipping dewar that is refundable upon the return of the undamaged dewar. Dewar deposit by credit card is not accepted. Dewar deposits can be made in advance with US money order or cashiers checks through US banks. The importer (client) is responsible for any taxes and or duties that may be associated with the import. Please plan ahead for international orders as customs may hold packages for additional time, although problems have been extremely rare. As the importer, you are responsible for making sure that you meet all regulations for your country concerning the imported product. We are always happy to accommodate in any reasonable way that we can and will provide all requested paperwork to accompany a shipment. We find that Physicians and Clinics have the ability to import sperm where many times individuals cannot, so ask your doctor if they can import specimens for you.

All pricing is in US funds. All rates include up to 7 days rental of the shipping dewar once delivered in order to hold the specimens frozen until use. International shipping prices are for door to door, one way service. The client is responsible for return shipping and associated charges. Client must declare that the shipment is "US GOODS RETURNING" when shipping the dewar back to our facility or client will be responsible for any tariff and or duties associated.

We are happy to quote exact shipping costs if you provide us with a full delivery address via email.

Our latest experiences have been:

American Samoa: Yes

Australia: Some states permit importation, and some do not. Please check with your state health department and local custom officials to make the determination.

Canada: No

Denmark: Yes

UK: No

Mexico: Yes, in some areas, please call our office to confirm

New Zealand: Yes

Singapore: No

South America: No

Panama: Yes, extra fees apply

Bolivia: Yes

Brazil: No

Peru: No

Other countries, please check with your state health department and local custom officials to make the determination

Europe: No

Japan: No

**Dewar guarantee: In the event of the loss or destruction of commercial donor sperm specimens provided through NW Cryobank due to the failure of our shipping dewar to provide at least seven days worth of coolant, (unless caused by the mishandling of the dewar by the client), NW Cryobank will accommodate the client's loss by making every reasonable effort to provide the client with like or similar donor specimens if available, or by refund of monies paid by client for vials lost (must be returned to the NW Cryobank at original volume) plus shipping charges only.