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Vial Buy Back Program

Vial Buy Back Details

  • Vials purchased on donors will be refunded at 50% of the original purchase price paid by the original client provided the donor is still listed on the website as a current donor.
  • Vials purchased on donors no longer listed on the website as a current donor will not be refunded.
  • Vials that have left our facility will not be refunded.
  • $40 inventory handling/restocking charge will be applied
  • Requests for refunds for specimens that have been in private storage for more than 2 years (in any quantity) will be accepted at the option of the sperm bank and a refund offer, if any, will be made at that time.

Once units leave our facility we are unable to refund or exchange for any reason other than if units are proven not to have met our minimum guarantee guidelines**. Per FDA regulation, we cannot re-sell any donor specimens to another client once the specimens have left our physical control for any amount of time under any circumstances.

** NW Cryobank does not offer full refund or replacement of vials, unless the TMC guarantee is not met. Each ICI vial contains 10-18 million motile sperm. IUI vials contain 7-13 million motile sperm. We currently do not provide TMC guarantees on our ICI/IVF and IUI/IVF vials. In the event a specimen is determined to be substandard, the client has two options for use of the vial:

1. Client may choose to return the unused specimen for complete refund or credit on a future purchase. This is not available for at home insemination.

2. Client may choose to utilize the specimen. If the client chooses to use the specimen, the motility guarantee is void.

Your provider must complete the Specimen Report form and return to NW Cryobank within 30 days of receipt of specimen. The Specimen Report form provides detailed analysis of the results performed by qualified personnel. Sperm count guarantees apply only to initial shipment of specimens, upon appropriate initial thaw, and prior to any additional handling or washing procedures.